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With the league’s brightest star power on display for a fourth consecutive NBA Finals as the Golden State Warriors face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers, several of the marketing world’s most impactful players will be donning special edition sneakers on the game’s grandest stage.

Between both rosters, five players will be wearing their own signature sneakers, with several others expected to be spotted in special edition gold-accented kicks. While we’ve seen sneakers in a variety of colors throughout the playoffs, the Finals are technically one of just 10 windows during the season in which players can wear special edition pairs in colors outside of their team’s uniform hues.

“I think the players love it,” said Christopher Arena, the NBA’s senior VP of Identity, Outfitting & Equipment. “They’re well in tune to footwear culture, and they appreciate that now they have an opportunity to be the trendsetters.”

With top Nike athletes LeBron James and Kevin Durant, Under Armour headliner Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson’s unique Chinese shoe deal leading the way, we can expect to see a variety of sneakers debuted during each game of the series.

“I noticed last year in the Finals, when I rewatched the games — I’m on the floor, and every other player had Nikes on,” Thompson said after the 2017 Finals while in China. He’s signed to a long-term deal with Chinese brand Anta that could be worth up to $80 million.

In last year’s matchup, all 13 Cavs wore Nike, while the majority of the Warriors were signed to the Swoosh as well. Thompson’s Antas, Curry’s Under Armours and David West’s Adidas sneakers were the only holdouts in the Nike-dominant series.

This year, there’ll be a little more brand variance on hand, as the Cavaliers’ dramatic roster makeover and the Warriors’ offseason signings balanced out the brand wars. Each team now features 10 players with Nike and three with Adidas. Cleveland’s George Hill has a signature shoe deal with Chinese brand Peak, while swingman Jeff Green has long been signed to Jordan Brand.

Before Game 1 tips off tonight in Oakland, here’s a preview of what to expect on the feet of the series’ biggest stars.

LeBron James | Nike LeBron 15 / Nike Soldier 12

Courtesy of @Cavs
Throughout the course of the season and playoffs, James has worn 51 different versions of his LeBron 15 signature model. Styled in versions celebrating some of his earliest sneakers in the league — or the shoes of his childhood idols such as Ken Griffey Jr. and Deion Sanders — Nike’s top athlete had a resurgent year with his sneaker line.

He’s expected to unveil yet another handful of new LeBron 15 looks during the Finals, some inspired by past favorites of his series, and others in clean black and gold colorways. After unexpectedly debuting the laceless Soldier 10 during the 2016 Finals as the Cavs went on to win the series in historic fashion, James could also debut the new strap-affixed Soldier 12 during this year’s Finals.

Kevin Durant | Nike KD 10 / Nike KD 11

Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images
Throughout his career, KD has been a creature of habit. Early on, he’d often wear just a handful of sneakers during an entire season, preferring the broken-in feel in a league where most All-Stars wear a brand new pair of shoes for every game.

He’s been doing his damage all season in his 10th signature shoe from Nike, and while he could debut his new KD 11 during the Finals, it’s likely he’ll stick with what’s gotten him this far.

“If I feel something is right, I just like to stay in it,” Durant told FiveThirtyEight’s Chris Herring.

While he has a batch of Warriors-themed colorways of the KD 10 on hand, he’s been wearing a jumbled multi-colored edition for most of the playoffs. Dubbed the “What The” KD, the playful look is an amalgamation of some of the most beloved themes seen on his sneakers over the years. From the pink “Aunt Pearl” editions honoring his late family member lost to lung cancer to the youthful “Nerf” and “Weatherman” themes seen on the KD 4, the KD 10 represents his journey with Nike through the league to this point.

MLB playoffs

MLB playoffs ON Covers : Major League Baseball is the longest play off seattle markers, who played the last time in the post session game in 2001 when Ichiro was a newcomer.

If playoffs just started, they should be incomplete.

Despite the problems with Robinson Canom (Wound Suspension and Wound), and most of the bad badges are still (yet a strange journey), they now play unusual baseball. He won 13 out of the last 15 and defeated the 37-22. After September 8, 2014, there are no 15 matches for more than 500 years.

MLB playoffs || That is Baseball

Now it seems that their difference (+17) means that they are playing on their heads and maybe 18-9 in the same sided games failed. We have certainly seen the time in the past, when it’s all season, but it’s often time.

There are reasons to believe that they will become better. Kelly Seager is a lot more awesome than she was anywhere else. It is appropriate to think that Michael Zeno and Rio are starting to play well. Mike Leak could have been better and maybe Felix Horns changed the corner on Sunday with his tight holiday.

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Twins vs White Sox

Twins vs White Sox :The Chicago White Sox face the Minnesota Twins in an AL Central tilt in game one of a doubleheader.

The Chicago White Sox took two of three from Milwaukee over the weekend after dominant 6-1 victory on Sunday. Chicago starter Dylan Covey gave up an unearned over five scoreless frames for a no decision with five relievers putting up zeros.

Twins vs White Sox – ON TV

The White Sox banged out seven hits and walked four times with Daniel Palka going deep and driving in to while Adam Engel went 2-4 with a homer and a pair of RBI’s followed Jose Abreu who drove n a run and scored.

The White Sox send Reynaldo Lopez to the mound for game one of a doubleheader at Minnesota. Lopez comes off of a 9-1 loss at Cleveland with seven runs plated on eight hits over 2.2 frames.

The Minnesota Twins are in need for a prolonged hot streak and might be on their way after a 7-5 victory versus Cleveland Sunday has the team looking at three straight wins. Minnesota starter Kyle Gibson allowed a pair of runs over 5.2 innings for a ND when Ryan Pressly allowed two runs without getting an out before Fernando Rodney threw a scoreless 9th for the win.

Rockets vs Warriors

Rockets vs Warriors Live Stream : When things are going well for the Warriors, they look like an unstoppable force. But when things don’t quite go as planned, such as Wednesday’s 127-105 Game 2 loss to Houston, the appearance of them not looking so invincible doesn’t sit well with even their most high-profile backers.

The Houston Rockets dominated the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals, 127-105, and we’re tied at 1-1 for the series. Eric Gordon and James Harden both had 27 points for Houston, including 6-of-9 on threes for the former. PJ Tucker added 22 points, including 5-of-6 from range.

It was an ugly game for both teams, to start. Missed threes and bad turnovers were on display, pretty much the exact opposite of Game 1. The Warriors, though, were much worse, and made turnover after turnover, while the Rockets made adjustments and slowly started to establish a lead in the second quarter.

Rockets vs Warriors – Live Online Free>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

After the Game 2 loss, Draymond Green’s mother, Mary Babers, took to social media to criticize All-Star Kevin Durant. Babers’ criticism came as a belief that he took too many shots, and she responded in agreement to a tweet about K.D. taking every shot in the game with: “Straight ISO!”

Though Durant finished with 38 points on an efficient 13-of-22 shooting — a point made by a Twitter user — Babers refuted the argument. She fired back that there was too much ISO ball and not enough ball movement, which allowed Houston to handle Golden State and even the series.

What you talking about?” Babers tweeted. “It’s more to a game than shots! It left everyone else standing around never to get into position. SWING THE BALL. Pass the ball & around the 7 second mark take the shot(not at the 21 second mark). ISO ISO ISO! They beat us at our own game!”

Babers’ criticism didn’t stop at Durant, either. She also criticized her son for not shooting the ball, and roasted the “Hampton 5” lineup — Andre Iguodala, Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson — for getting “HUMPED!”

We’ll see if the Warriors make any adjustments Sunday as the series shifts back to Oakland for Game 4.

The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets will play the second game of their Western Conference Finals series on Wednesday night at the Toyota Center in Houston at 9:00 p.m. ET. If Game 1 was any indication, we’re in for another high-scoring battle featuring a handful of MVPs and All-Stars.

The Warriors outlasted the Rockets on Monday, pulling away in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, 119-106. Kevin Durant was venomous, scoring 37 points on 27 attempts and slicing up Houston’s defense in the mid-range. Klay Thompson saw a second-half explosion too, totaling 28 points on 18 shots. Steph Curry had a pedestrian 18-point night on 15 shots and it didn’t even matter.

That’s how terrifying this Golden State team is.

Houston put up a valiant fight. James Harden was on another level in a 41-point outing, sinking 5-of-9 threes. Chris Paul nearly triple-doubled with 23 points, 11 rebounds and nine rebounds too, but the bench didn’t help enough. Luc Mbah A Moute missed easy lay-ins and didn’t sink a shot (0-of-6), and Gerald Green had just six points. Eric Gordon had 15 points on 13 shots, but he alone isn’t enough to dethrone these Warriors.

The Rockets need to prove on Wednesday that they are, in fact, a legitimate threat. Going down 2-0 could spell doom.

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